Emergency Minibus Hire

Emergency Minibus Hire

Your can rely on Cheap Minibus Coach Hire whenever you need to arrange minibus or coach hire – even in an emergency. We have drivers working from numerous bases across the country and they operate transport networks that are ideal to turn to when in need of emergency vehicles. They can also take you beyond major towns and cities and arrange emergency drop-offs or collections at departure and arrivals gates in all UK airports. Heathrow, Glasgow, Birmingham – wherever you need to get to last minute or in a hurry, we will take you there. If you opt for Emergency Minibus Hire rather than public transport, it suddenly becomes so much easier to get around with one of our vehicles.

You can let us take the strain as you relax and focus on other things while our driver is at the wheel. You will be collected for your emergency journey in a vehicle selected from our large fleet of well maintained, modern minibusses. These are available in a range of sizes: 8 seaters, 16 seaters and 24 seaters. Cheap Minibus Coach Hire also has a 7 seat MPV that can be sent to collect you. If you are stranded with a large have group of friends urgently in need of transportation, we can send a 33 seater, 49 seaters or 70 seater coach. These are more economical than booking numerous minibusses. And good news – to avoid further emergencies, these all come with modern toilet facilities on board.

How To Book Making

A booking is simple with an Emergency Minibus Hire – just phone, text or email our booking team at any time, 24/7, 365/12 and we’ll sort everything for you. One of our punctual drivers will be with you in no time, they are never delayed so once you have received your booking confirmation, you can rest assured that your emergency is almost over. Client accounts are available. Perhaps you are impressed with our emergency service and will return to us for future travel – if you decide you will require repeat journeys, a client account is a great value for money. We also have wheelchair accessible vehicles available for hire. These come with ramps, a lift and wider than normal doors.

About Emergencies

We are here for you whatever your predicament. If you have just discovered that the extended family needs to get to a distant train station quickly, we can help you out. If you already had a trip booked with another company but they have let you down, we can always step in with a replacement vehicle. If you are flying in with family and the car hire has fallen through but you’re to jet- lagged to sort a substitute car, we can provide your wheels. If you are at an away match with the under 12s netball squad and the school minibus just won’t start, give us a call and we’ll get you back home.

The list of potential emergencies is endless, as is our enthusiasm to fix things gone wrong; so leave it to us and your emergency will soon be over. Emergency Minibus Hire is well worth using.  You never know when our contact details will prove invaluable so to book with Emergency Minibus Hire, please make a note of the details below:

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